Bridgecare By Moldtech

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Easily adaptable solution

The Bridgecare solution is scalable to most bridges, regardless of size. The set-up and work processes are easily repeatable and offers excellent worker safety. Following the completion of one repair project, the Bridgecare elements can simply be detached and transported to the next site. Due to its well-designed modular structure and the fact that it does not take up road space below the bridge, it is also a safer and less disruptive for road users.

Improved perception of worksites

The advanced engineering of the Bridgecare solution ensures that you can produce even and high quality every time. Thanks to the reusable elements your work will also be environmentally friendlier than before. The end result will be a sustainable process, strong bridge and a happy customer.

The modular system takes up less space than traditional bridge repair methods and provides a reliable, clean and professional look for your site. You may even wish to use the outward facing surfaces for building your own brand, or selling it off as advertising space to help cover the costs. The non-disruptive structure will also result in improved road safety and generate good will amongst the driving public.

A safer worksite

The solid, securely fixed modular structures offer workers more safety and security than the traditional handcrafted structures. The system includes safe working and walking platforms that you can trust to hold all the weight you may need to load on them during the repairing project.

The site will also be safer for traffic passing under the bridge while the work is on going. The traditional structures disrupt and disturb traffic, often causing drivers to slow down, resulting in traffic jams and dangerous situations. The Bridgecare solution takes up no space underneath the bridge, thus improving safety on the underpass. Also, drivers do not have to worry about falling debris and tools, thanks to the tight-fitting modular demolition and working platforms and safety railings.

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