Bridgecare By Moldtech

Bridgecare Work flow

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1 Preparations

Once the preparations that include carving out a one-meter wide strip from the edge of the bridge and the set-up concrete safety bollards, have been done the materials are delivered and lifted into place by a vehicle equipped with a crane.

Once the permanent railing has been taken out (if necessary) and replaced by a temporary one , the trestles are bolted onto fixing plates that are firmly fixed onto the deck of the bridge. Once the trestles are secured, the walking and working platforms can be mounted between them.

3 Work

The old edge beam can now be removed using hydrodemolition, which ensures fast, accurate and even work. Hydrodemolition can be carried out from above or from the side, depending on how the equipment is attached.

At this point the horizontal and vertical molds are placed where the edge beam will be rebuilt. The new iron mounting will be placed inside the mold and the new edge beam will be ready for concrete casting.

2 Installation

Counterparts are anchored below the bridge using mechanical, rather than chemical methods for added safety.

The demolition platforms are then installed to efficiently collect the demolition waste.

4 Removal

Once the concrete has hardened the molds can be removed, the Bridgecare system taken down… and the work is done. You are now ready to take the Bridgecare materials to their next destination.

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