Bridgecare By Moldtech

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Bridgecare is good for business

To its users, the Bridgecare solution by Moldtech offers a number of advantages over other bridge repair methods that make it the only solution that makes sense. The benefits of the solution can not only be measured in terms of time and money, but it also addresses factors such as the constructor’s brand perception through the improved appearance of the work site and softer values like environmental considerations.

Improved efficiency

The Bridgecare system allows you to get right down to business. The application of advanced engineering has created an easily scalable and repeatable scaffolding stage that makes the system easy to set up and take down. Bridgecare has been preapproved for use in EC- countries by a competent body (in Finland, Inspecta), eliminating the need for time-consuming on-site building inspections. Thanks to this structured approach project planning and the calculation of costs is also considerably easier and faster. This innovation can help you to reduce the overall duration of a single bridge repair project by up to 50%.

The modular construction of the solution also makes the repair process easier, safer and more efficient than before. The demolition of the old edge beam is carried out using hydrodemolition integrated into the structure, and the debris is efficiently collected into demolition platforms attached to the Bridgecare trestles. The concrete for the new edge beam can be poured into our precise and freely adjustable molds.

Since the Bridgecare system eliminates the need for the old-fashioned scaffolding constructions all-together, you can save on material costs as well as in the costs related to the transport and disposal of these materials.

Bridgecare offers excellent protection from extreme temperatures or weather conditions.

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