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Bridgecare – The new industrial revolution

The industrial age we live in, with its ever-increasing number of motor vehicles, is a constant burden on our roads, and especially our bridges. There are hundreds of thousands of bridges around the world in need of repairs.

The Bridgecare solution is a revolutionary system that will change the way we build and repair edge beams forever. This innovative new scaffolding system not only makes repair work easier and more efficient, at the same time it creates considerable savings in time, materials and costs.

Instead of the traditional, time- and space-consuming structures, the Bridgecare solution offers a more durable, safer and efficient platform for edge beam repair work. The Bridgecare solution will allow you to produce a high-quality end result in roughly half the time in comparison to the traditional approach.

The Bridgecare solution…

  • Is a designed industrial process
  • Is twice as fast as traditional methods
  • Provides an even, high-quality end result
  • Is a safe working environment
  • Decreases safety risks and disturbances to traffic

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